Addicted to Sin

Titre : Addicted to Sin
Auteur : Monica James
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1910751537
Libération : 2015-10-08

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Tell me your deepest, darkest secrets. I dare you. Addiction comes down to one simple, primitive concept. Desire. My name is Dr. Dixon Matthews, and I'm New York's finest shrink. For $500 an hour, people tell me their darkest, most sinful secrets. My own addiction? Sex. A good f**k really is the best medicine. I might be certified in solving other people's problems, but not mine - I know I'm a lost cause. I don't do relationships. I don't even do the same woman twice. But that's all about to change, thanks to two entirely different women who awaken my deepest desires. Who will I choose? I know who I should choose, but I never said I was the hero of this story, or even the good guy. And besides, who wants to be good, when it feels so good being bad? My tale isn't for the fainthearted. If you're game, strap yourself in and expect the unexpected. But don't say I didn't warn you... Achingly sexy and highly addictive, the first in the Sinful Pleasures Series will have you hooked. Read what everyone is saying about Monica James: 'WOW!! I am completely speechless. EMOTIONAL. SUPERB. BRILLIANT. Yes one of the best books I have ever read. I do not give many 5+ stars, but this is on that list' Just Booked 'OH MY EFFING GOSH... I. Cant. Even. Describe. What... No Way... Mind-Blown.... That was me sitting on my couch in shock after reading this book. Monica James is literally going to give me a heart attack and I FREAKIN LOVE HER for it HAHA!!' All is Read 'I adore Monica James and her writing.' Love Between The Sheets 'Monica James is just straight brilliant.' A Diary of a Book Addict 'Monica James will steal your heart.' The Reading Vixens

Addicted to Sin 2

Titre : Addicted to Sin 2
Auteur : Neyara
Éditeur : Nayberry Publications
ISBN-13 : 1943179328
Libération : 2016-06-02

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" Once you push open a revolving door, it seems to never stop, and stepping in is always easier than getting out. " Last year Sinaiyah Lockhart learned a valuable lesson: protect yourself, because no one else will. She had her guard up and was still vulnerable, which was a recipe for disaster. Now, it's all about getting better and loving herself, even when her first love, Landon Jones, wants to love on her the most. Landon emerges back into Sinaiyah's life after a decade, and has no intention of letting her go. Should Sinaiyah lock her heart and throw away the key, or chose to love and be free? And, what's the cost of her freedom? Courtland Biggs finds himself stuck as he tries to love Sinaiyah from a distance, when she's the only one who has his heart. Tension rises for him as he tries to venture into new business avenues and a new love interest. Will Courtland find what he's looking for in other women or find himself caught up in another rapture? In part two of the Sin series, A Taste of Sin, Sinaiyah and Courtland struggle to find a balance in their own lives. Even though their separation may be contributing to their dysfunction.

Other Side of Sin The

Titre : Other Side of Sin The
Auteur : Andrew Sung Park
Éditeur : SUNY Press
ISBN-13 : 9780791490211
Libération : 2012-05-21

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Offers a fresh viewpoint in Christian thought by looking at sin from the perspective of the sinned-against rather than that of the sinner needing forgiveness.


Titre : Addicted
Auteur : Lorna Crozier
Éditeur : Greystone Books Ltd
ISBN-13 : 9781771641869
Libération : 2016-02-05

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Is addiction a disease, a sin, a sign of hypersensitivity, a personal failing, or a unique resource for the creative mind? However it is defined, addiction can have devastating consequences, often shattering lives, sundering families, causing impoverishment, and even triggering suicide. Yet it can also be a source of inspiration. In these frank essays, leading American and Canadian writers explore their surprisingly diverse personal experiences with this complex phenomenon, candidly recounting what happened when alcohol, heroin, smoking, food, gambling, or sex -- sometimes in combination -- took over their lives.


Titre : Sin
Auteur : Ted Peters
Éditeur : Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
ISBN-13 : 0802801137
Libération : 1994

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In Sin: Radical Evil in Soul and Society, Ted Peters boldly revisits the dark side of human nature and the perennial categories of sin that have been glossed over by our pluralistic culture. Using numerous illustrations from everyday life as well as the social sciences, Peters examines the kinds of evil--both personal and societal--that we all confront on a daily basis. Writing with the goal to both educate and inspire, Peters offers serious theological reflection on sin in a popular style, provides an up-to-date examination of Satanism, and introduces a provocative new theory about how sin works in daily life. An illuminating guide for the educated reader, regardless of field or walk of life, this compelling book forces everyone to ask the question "Am I a sinner?" while it simultaneously provides the gentle and much-needed reminder that God's grace is available to all who answer in the affirmative. Book jacket.


Titre : Thirst
Auteur : James B. Nelson
Éditeur : Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN-13 : 0664226884
Libération : 2004-01-01

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This book explores the path of recovery. James Nelson writes, as he lives, with a very special blend of insight, wisdom, humor, and humility. Sobriety sustainers and spirituality seekers will be encouraged and enlightened by his work.

Addiction and Virtue

Titre : Addiction and Virtue
Auteur : Kent Dunnington
Éditeur : InterVarsity Press
ISBN-13 : 9780830839018
Libération : 2011-07-26

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In this interdisciplinary work, Kent Dunnington brings the neglected resources of philosophical and theological analysis to bear on the problem of addiction. Drawing on the insights of Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas, he formulates a compelling alternative to the two dominant models of addiction--addiction as disease and addiction as choice.

Du geh rst mir

Titre : Du geh rst mir
Auteur : Monica James
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 3453545893
Libération : 2017-04-10

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Monica James A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Du geh rst mir Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction

Titre : Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction
Auteur : Mark Laaser
Éditeur : Zondervan
ISBN-13 : 9780310559764
Libération : 2009-05-26

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“Mark has eloquently unraveled the mystery behind addictive behavior: when our relationships are not alive and growing, the temptation for various kinds of addictions is unleashed..”—Dr. Gary Smalley With today’s rampant availability of Internet pornography, sexual addiction has become a national epidemic that affects up to 10 percent of Christians. As devastating as any drug habit, it brings heartbreak and despair to those it entangles. But there is help for men and women caught in sexual addiction’s downward spiral. This book offers a path that leads beyond compulsive thoughts and behaviors to healing and transformation. Sensitive to the shame of sexual addiction without minimizing its sinfulness, Dr. Mark Laaser traces the roots of the problem, discusses its patterns and impact, and maps out a biblical approach to self-control and sexual integrity. Previously titled Faithful and True, this revision includes an all-new section that deals with sexual addiction in the church. Other important changes reflect cultural trends, incorporate current research, and place a greater emphasis on spiritual growth. This book also addresses the unique needs and issues of female sex addicts. Whether you know someone with a sexual addiction or struggle yourself, Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction points the way to understanding, wholeness, and holiness.

Calvin s First Catechism

Titre : Calvin s First Catechism
Auteur : I. John Hesselink
Éditeur : Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN-13 : 0664227252
Libération : 1997-01-01

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John Calvin's first catechism--originally written in French in 1537 and then in Latin in 1538--provides a valuable, clear, and concise introduction to his thought. Now for the first time, readers have available Ford Lewis Battles' English translation of the 1538 Latin edition and a current discussion of it in the same volume. This commentary on the first catechism also utilizes other sources such as Calvin's Commentaries and Institutes, as well as the latest Calvin research. This volume is an excellent introduction to Calvin's theology and will be useful as a text for college and seminary courses as well as church discussion groups. The Columbia Series in Reformed Theology represents a joint commitment by Columbia Theological Seminary and Westminster John Knox Press to provide theological resources from the Reformed tradition for the church today. This series examines theological and ethical issues that confront church and society in our own particular time and place.