lisabeth et F lix Leseur

Titre : lisabeth et F lix Leseur
Auteur : Bernadette Chovelon
Éditeur : Artège Editions
ISBN-13 : 9782360405367
Libération : 2015-05-13

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Élisabeth et Félix Leseur sont apparemment un couple comme les autres. Ils sont très unis dans le confort de leur vie de notables, leurs voyages, leurs sorties, leur entente intellectuelle, leur culture.Ils s'aiment profondément, malgré ce qui les sépare : Élisabeth est très croyante alors que Félix, proche des hommes politiques des années anticléricales de la France, est athée et profondément hostile à toute forme de religion.Par leurs nombreux écrits rassemblés pour la première fois, Élisabeth et Félix témoignent du surprenant et intelligent parcours de leur couple dont l'amour a grandi malgré les divergences et les souffrances de chacun. Le respect des croyances de l'autre, leur tolérance et leur admiration mutuelle ont fini par les unir.Leur spécificité apparaît dès le jour de leur mariage. Élisabeth, dans le silence et le secret, prie et sème des graines pour le retour à la foi de son époux. Elle n'en récoltera pas les fruits puisqu'elle meurt prématurément d'une maladie incurable qui l'aura fait souffrir toute sa vie. Elle a souvent répété cette parole de l'évangile de saint Jean : «Si le grain ne meurt...»Ce n'est qu'après la mort de son épouse que Félix comprendra combien elle puisait son amour et sa force en Dieu. Après la lecture de ses cahiers, il changera radicalement de vie à la surprise de sa famille et de ses amis. Il se convertira et deviendra père dominicain et prêtre.L'itinéraire étonnant de deux êtres d'exception, un livre limpide, passionnant et très actuel, indispensable au moment où la famille est au centre des débats dans l'Église.Bernadette Chovelon, docteur es lettre et philosophie est spécialisée dans la psychologie et la spiritualité du couple. Elle a également publié plusieurs biographies.

La conversion des intellectuels au catholicisme en France

Titre : La conversion des intellectuels au catholicisme en France
Auteur : Frédéric Gugelot
Éditeur : CNRS
ISBN-13 : 2271055563
Libération : 1998

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Frédéric Gugelot A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de La conversion des intellectuels au catholicisme en France Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.


Titre : Polina
Auteur : Bastien Vivès
Éditeur : Random House
ISBN-13 : 9781448130122
Libération : 2014-01-16

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As a very young girl, Polina Oulinov is taken on as a special pupil by the famous ballet teacher Professor Bojinsky. He is very demanding and refuses to adapt his standards to the talents of his pupils, and Polina has to work hard and make great sacrifices in order to reach the level Bojinsky senses she has the talent for. When she graduates and is admitted to the official theatre school, she discovers that Bojinsky’s view of ballet is only one of many and that she can’t adapt to new rules, new visions. She flees Russia for Berlin, where she meets a group of drama students. Together they create a new form of theatre – and conquer the world. Brilliantly drawn, Polina is a moving and intimate story of self-discovery. It confirms Bastien Vivès as one of the most exciting talents at work in the graphic novel field today.

From Penitence to Charity

Titre : From Penitence to Charity
Auteur : Barbara B. Diefendorf
Éditeur : Oxford University Press
ISBN-13 : 0198025580
Libération : 2004-07-15

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When in 1570 the widow Marie Du Drac took to a life of godly devotion, fasting, wearing hairshirts, and doing good works at hospitals, prisons, and with the poor, her contemporaries thought her behavior bizarre. Her family and friends worried for her health. Although not a nun, this elite Parisian spend hours every day in contemplative prayer and related to her spiritual advisors her mystical visions and sins against God. While Du Drac's ascetic practices and penitential spirituality were considered odd in her own time, half a century later they were broadly adopted by other d?votes, also elite lay women, amidst the Catholic renewal following the Wars of Religion. From Penitence to Charity radically revises our understanding of women's place in the institutional and spiritual revival known as the Catholic Reformation. Focusing on Paris, where fifty new religious congregations for women were established in as many years, it examines women's active role as founders and patrons of religious communities, as spiritual leaders within these communities, and as organizers of innovative forms of charitable assistance to the poor. Rejecting the common view that the Catholic Reformation was a male-dominated movement whose patriarchal leadership controlled and confined women, this book shows how pious women played an instrumental role, working alongside-and sometimes in advance of-male reformers. At the same time, it establishes a new understanding of the chronology and character of France's Catholic Reformation by locating the movement's origins in a penitential spirituality rooted in the agonies of religious war. It argues that a powerful desire to appease the wrath of God through acts of heroic asceticism born of the wars did not subside with peace but, rather, found new outlets in the creation of austere, contemplative convents. Admiration for saintly ascetics prompted new vocations, and convents multiplied, as pious laywomen rushed to fund houses where, enjoying the special rights accorded founders, they might enter the cloister and participate in convent life. Penitential enthusiasm inevitably waned, and new social and economic charitable service supplanted asceticism as the dominant spiritual mode. Capitalizing on the Council of Trent's call to catechize an ignorant laity, pious women founded innovative new congregations to aid less favored members of their sex and established lay cofraternaties to serve elites as well as society's outcasts and the poor, especially those adversely affected by the recurrent warfare. Service activities have remained a cornerstone of religious practice, imbuing the lives and works of these religious women of the Old Regime with lasting significance.

The Mind in the Cave Consciousness and the Origins of Art

Titre : The Mind in the Cave Consciousness and the Origins of Art
Auteur : David Lewis-Williams
Éditeur : Thames & Hudson
ISBN-13 : 9780500770443
Libération : 2004-04-17

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The breathtakingly beautiful art created deep inside the caves of western Europe has the power to dazzle even the most jaded observers. Emerging from the narrow underground passages into the chambers of caves such as Lascaux, Chauvet, and Altamira, visitors are confronted with symbols, patterns, and depictions of bison, woolly mammoths, ibexes, and other animals. Since its discovery, cave art has provoked great curiosity about why it appeared when and where it did, how it was made, and what it meant to the communities that created it. David Lewis-Williams proposes that the explanation for this lies in the evolution of the human mind. Cro-Magnons, unlike the Neanderthals, possessed a more advanced neurological makeup that enabled them to experience shamanistic trances and vivid mental imagery. It became important for people to "fix," or paint, these images on cave walls, which they perceived as the membrane between their world and the spirit world from which the visions came. Over time, new social distinctions developed as individuals exploited their hallucinations for personal advancement, and the first truly modern society emerged. Illuminating glimpses into the ancient mind are skillfully interwoven here with the still-evolving story of modern-day cave discoveries and research. The Mind in the Cave is a superb piece of detective work, casting light on the darkest mysteries of our earliest ancestors while strengthening our wonder at their aesthetic achievements.

Reflections Of A Siamese Twin

Titre : Reflections Of A Siamese Twin
Auteur : John Ralston Saul
Éditeur : Penguin Canada
ISBN-13 : 9780143181446
Libération : 1998-10-20

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In Reflections of a Siamese Twin, Saul turns his eye from a reinterpretation of the Western world to an examination of Canada itself. Caught up in crises—political, economic, and social—Canada continues to flounder, unable to solve or even really identify its problems. Instead, we assert absolute differences between ourselves: we are English or we are French; Natives or Europeans; early immigrants or newly arrived; from the east or from the west. Or we bow to ideologies and deny all differences in the name of nationalism, unity, or equality. In a startling exercise in reorientation, John Ralston Saul makes sense of Canadian myths—real, false, denied—and reconciles them with the reality of today's politics, culture, and economics.