A Vital Rationalist

Titre : A Vital Rationalist
Auteur : Georges Canguilhem
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : UCSC:32106012585821
Libération : 2000

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A selection of Canguilhem's writings, including excerpts from previously unpublished manuscripts. Organized around Canguilhem's usual intellectual themes and problems, the text offers an array of meditations on epistemology, methodology, science, and history.

Knowledge and Colonialism

Titre : Knowledge and Colonialism
Auteur : Siegfried Huigen
Éditeur : BRILL
ISBN-13 : 9789047430872
Libération : 2009-07-31

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Knowledge and Colonialism examines writings and drawings of eighteenth-century scientific travellers in South Africa against the background of administrative and commercial discourses. It is argued that these travellers benefited more from their relationship with the colonial order than the other way around

Framing French Culture

Titre : Framing French Culture
Auteur : Ben (Ed) & Poiana Mccann (Peter (Ed) & Edwards, Natalie (Ed))
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1922064866
Libération : 2015-08-01

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Writers, painters, photographers, illustrators, directors and designers search for the perfect frame to capture, isolate, subvert, or aestheticize an image, and may deploy a range of framing devices to tell their stories: the layered photograph, the jumbled timeframe, the flashback, the voice-over, the unreliable narrator, the hybrid assemblage. Throughout this book, the concept of framing allows us to think together art, photography, scientific drawings and cinema as visually constituted, spatially bounded productions. The way these genres relate to that which exists beyond the frame, by means of plastic, chemically transposed, pencil-sketched or moving images allows us to decipher the particular language of the visual and at the same time circumscribe the dialectic between presence and absence that is proper to all visual media. Yet, these kinds of re-framing owe their existence to the ruptures and upheavals that marked the demise of certain discursive systems in the past, announcing the emergence of others that were in turn overturned.

Encyclopedia of Caves and Karst Science

Titre : Encyclopedia of Caves and Karst Science
Auteur : John Gunn
Éditeur : Routledge
ISBN-13 : 9781135455088
Libération : 2004-08-02

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The Encyclopedia of Caves and Karst Science contains 350 alphabetically arranged entries. The topics include cave and karst geoscience, cave archaeology and human use of caves, art in caves, hydrology and groundwater, cave and karst history, and conservation and management. The Encyclopedia is extensively illustrated with photographs, maps, diagrams, and tables, and has thematic content lists and a comprehensive index to facilitate searching and browsing.


Titre : Transgressions
Auteur : Ingereth Macfarlane
Éditeur : ANU E Press
ISBN-13 : 9781921313431
Libération : 2007-12-01

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"This volume brings together an innovative set of readings of complex interactions between Australian Aboriginal people and colonisers. It has its origins in 2003 when Mark Hannah, then a doctoral student in the Centre for Cross Cultural Research at The Australian National University, invited a group of early career scholars to meet in Canberra. They brought their diverse social science and humanities backgrounds to the uncovering of creative Indigenous responses to the colonial encounter in Australia, and fresh ways of writing about these. Their studies were focused in diverse parts of Australia and on different time periods, but shared a common interest in developing critical re-assessments of Australian colonial and anti-colonial histories. Their meeting encouraged face-to-face exchanges that could short-circuit the isolation often experienced by cross-disciplinary, original scholars. It also emphasised writerly aspects of creative thinking, promoting the portrayal of character, alternative prose styles and inventive narrative forms. The authors' responses to these invitations have flavoured the commissioned papers presented here. The critical and creative drives which inform them shines out in their writing. They are exciting and sometimes surprising in the angles they take, and the cross-overs of genre or subject that they offer."--Provided by publisher.

Autrement qu etre ou Au dela de l essence

Titre : Autrement qu etre ou Au dela de l essence
Auteur : Emmanuel Levinas
Éditeur : Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN-13 : 9789401511117
Libération : 2012-12-06

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Emmanuel Levinas A été écrit sous une forme ou une autre pendant la plus grande partie de sa vie. Vous pouvez trouver autant d'inspiration de Autrement qu etre ou Au dela de l essence Aussi informatif et amusant. Cliquez sur le bouton TÉLÉCHARGER ou Lire en ligne pour obtenir gratuitement le livre de titre $ gratuitement.

The Imperative of Responsibility

Titre : The Imperative of Responsibility
Auteur : Hans Jonas
Éditeur : University of Chicago Press
ISBN-13 : 0226405974
Libération : 1985-10-15

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Discusses the ethical implications of modern technology and examines the responsibility of humanity for the fate of the world


Titre : Gaia
Auteur : James Lovelock
Éditeur : Oxford Paperbacks
ISBN-13 : 9780192862181
Libération : 2000-09-28

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This classic work is now reissued in new covers with a new Preface by the author. Written for non-scientists, this is an original work in which James Lovelock puts forward his inspirational idea that life on earth functions as a single organism.

Modernist Eroticisms

Titre : Modernist Eroticisms
Auteur : Anna Katharina Schaffner
Éditeur : Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN-13 : 9781137030290
Libération : 2012-09-27

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This volume explores the impact of sexological and early psychoanalytic conceptions of sexual perversion on the representation of the erotic in the work of a range of major European modernists as well as in that of some less-well-known figures of the period such as Dujardin and Jahnn.

Lapps and Labyrinths

Titre : Lapps and Labyrinths
Auteur : Noel D. Broadbent
Éditeur : Smithsonian Institution
ISBN-13 : 9781935623366
Libération : 2013-10-30

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Professor Noel D. Broadbent is one of Sweden's foremost experts on north Swedish archaeology and literally wrote the book on the prehistory of the Skellefteå region on the North Bothnian coast. This knowledge is now brought to bear on the issue of Saami origins. The focus is on the successful adaptive strategies of Saami societies over thousands of years - a testimony to Saami resiliency, of relevance to the survival of indigenous societies worldwide today.