Iran Facing Others

Titre : Iran Facing Others
Auteur : A. Amanat
Éditeur : Springer
ISBN-13 : 9781137013408
Libération : 2012-02-13

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Iran's long history and complex cultural legacy have generated animated debates about a homogenous Iranian identity in the face of ethnic, linguistic and communal diversity. The volume examines the fluid boundaries of pre-modern identity in history and literature as well as the shaping of Iranian national identity in the 20th century.

A Series of Unfortunate Events The Notorious Notations

Titre : A Series of Unfortunate Events The Notorious Notations
Auteur : Lemony Snicket
Éditeur : Harper Collins
ISBN-13 : 9780060872359
Libération : 2006-02-21

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This terribly tempting blank book offers ruled pages detailed with illustrations and quotable quotations from Mr. Snicket's archives. This journal is resilient enough to hold even the most revolting revelations from any budding young researcher or writer in disguise. Consumable.


Titre : Shibumi
Auteur : Trevanian
Éditeur : Hachette UK
ISBN-13 : 9780755385904
Libération : 2011-05-12

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Forced out of retirement, a reluctant assassin must face his most dangerous enemy. Nicolai Hel is a westerner brought up in Japan and is the protégé of a Japanese Go master. Hel survived the destruction of Hiroshima to emerge as the world's most artful lover and its most accomplished assassin. Hel is a genius, a mystic, and a master of language and culture, and his secret is his determination to attain a rare kind of personal excellence, a state of effortless perfection known only as shibumi. Now living in an isolated mountain fortress, Hel is unwillingly drawn back into the life he'd tried to leave behind when a beautiful young stranger arrives at his door, seeking help and refuge. It soon becomes clear that Hel is being tracked by a deadly force -- a sinister organisation known only as the Mother Company. The battle lines are drawn: ruthless power and corruption on one side, and on the other . . .shibumi.