Saved Backing Up with Macrium Reflect Prepare for the Worst Recover from the Inevitable

Titre : Saved Backing Up with Macrium Reflect Prepare for the Worst Recover from the Inevitable
Auteur : Leo Notenboom
Éditeur : Puget Sound Software, LLC
ISBN-13 : 1937018199
Libération : 2014

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Confused by Backups? You're not alone. "Saved! - Backing Up with Macrium Reflect" will show you - step by step - how to backup your Windows computer using Macrium Reflect, a powerful professional and highly regarded backup program. - Never lose data again - Recover quickly from even the worst malware - Get back that file you accidentally deleted All this and more, ready for you to start backing up NOW! Backing Up - The Closest thing to a Silver Bullet Having a proper and recent backup can save you from just about anything. In fact, there's very little that a good backup can't rescue you from. "Malware infection?" Restore from a backup and it's gone. "Bad software update?" Restore from a backup and it's removed. "Need that file you deleted last week?" Restore it from a backup. I could go on singing the praises of backups - but hopefully by now you get the idea. You should backup. So why aren't you? "Show You" means SHOW YOU! Once you register your book (via a link that is only in the book) you'll get complimentary instant access to the companion web site that includes videos of the instructions presented in the book. The bonus videos might be the thing that helps it all make a little more sense. The videos include complete transcripts and are in both standard (640x360) and High Definition (1280x720) formats so you can choose which works better for you. All digital formats included PDF - for your computer or any device that can read PDFmobi - a backup copy for your Kindle, or Kindle reading software ePub - for a variety of other digital and ebook readers Once you get your copy simply use the link in the "Register your book" chapter to get access to all formats. Backing Up is Peace of Mind Once you have a backup in place you can rest easier, knowing that the stories you hear of people losing everything because of some random problem ... well, that won't be you! You'll be backed up. If you run into a problem, you'll be able to use your backups to restore files, restore folders, even restore your entire system should you need to. And restore a little peace of mind while you're at it. "Saved! - Backing Up with Macrium Reflect" will show you hwo to set it all up.

The Ask Leo Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet

Titre : The Ask Leo Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet
Auteur : Leo a. Notenboom
Éditeur :
ISBN-13 : 1937018253
Libération : 2014-12-22

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Not a day goes by where we don't hear about everything from hacked accounts and computers, to viruses, spyware and other forms of malware to large data breaches that threaten our online information. "Internet Safety" indeed. You can use the internet safely! In this book I cover the the things you must do, the software you must run and the concepts you need to be aware of - to keep your computer and your data safe as you use the internet. It's really not that hard, and once things are in place it's not even that time consuming. But it is necessary. The Ask Leo! Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet is a thoroughly revised and greatly expanded version of the popular Ask Leo! ebook Internet Safety: Keeping Your Computer Safe on the Internet already downloaded and in the hands of thousands. The Ask Leo! Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet expands to cover not just your computer, but all the important aspects of your online life. Five major areas are covered to keep you safe: Never lose precious files, emails or data again: Protect your data. Reduce the chances of malware ever impacting you dramatically, and recover quickly and easily if it ever does: Protect your computer. Travel worry-free with your laptop and its data protected, as well as securing your internet access wherever you may be: Protect your laptop. Prevent account hacks and how to recover quickly when they happen through no fault of your own: Protect your online world. Learn what we mean by common sense and never fall for scams and scammers again: Protect yourself. Yes, you can use the internet with confidence and peace of mind. Once you register your purchase using the link that's present only in the book, you'll get immediate access to: A downloadable PDF version that you can read on any device capable of displaying PDF files. A downloadable MOBI version of the book, ideal for Kindle. A downloadable EPUB version of the book, ideal for a variety of other ebook readers. Prioritized support and contact to get your questions answered.

Monetary Policy

Titre : Monetary Policy
Auteur : Peter Bofinger
Éditeur : Oxford University Press on Demand
ISBN-13 : 0199248567
Libération : 2001

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Provides a description and analysis of monetary policy in Europe and the United States. It focuses on actual monetary policy - targets, institutions, strategies, and instruments - but traditional and contemporary theoretical approaches to monetary policy form the basis for each chapter. Concentrating specifically on the European Central Bank, "Monetary Policy" offers a guide to understanding the targets, strategy, and instruments of the ECB. By combining a theoretical with a policy-oriented approach, this title should appeal to a broad readership, including investment bankers and other professional investors, central bankers, and scholars working in the field.