The Picture of Dorian Gray

Titre : The Picture of Dorian Gray
Auteur : Oscar Wilde
Éditeur : Oscar Wilde
ISBN-13 : 9788826044026
Libération : 2017-03-29

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"The Picture of Dorian Gray" is Oscar Wilde's classic tale of the moral decline of its title character, Dorian Gray. When Dorian has his portrait painted by Basil Hallward and wishes that he would stay young while his picture changes, his wish comes true. In exchange for this Dorian gives up his soul and as he ages the bad deeds that he commits are reflected in his painting and not him. "The Picture of Dorian Gray", arguably Wilde's most popular work, was considered quite scandalous when it was first published in the late 1800s in Victorian England.

Closing an Era

Titre : Closing an Era
Auteur : Richard J. Cox
Éditeur : Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN-13 : 0313313318
Libération : 2000

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Symmetric designs are an important class of combinatorial structures which arose first in the statistics and are now especially important in the study of finite geometries. This book presents some of the algebraic techniques that have been brought to bear on the question of existence, construction and symmetry of symmetric designs - including methods inspired by the algebraic theory of coding and by the representation theory of finite groups - and includes many results. Rich in examples and containing over 100 problems, the text also provides an introduction to many of the modern algebraic approaches used, through six lengthy appendices and supplementary problems. The book will be of interest to both combinatorialists and algebraists, and could be used as a course text for a graduate course.

Winning at Intrapreneurship

Titre : Winning at Intrapreneurship
Auteur : Guillaume Herve
Éditeur : G3point0 Consulting
ISBN-13 : 0993869300
Libération : 2015-04-17

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Learn about the breakthrough concepts that are instrumental to winning at intrapreneurship. You've heard how established companies such as IBM, Virgin, Boeing, Google, Apple, 3M, McKinsey, and Dupont monetize innovations by successfully launching new businesses. What separates these winners from the many that fail despite favorable market conditions? How can you ensure the profitable launch of your new business? The answers lie in understanding what happens inside the startup as it struggles to coexist with its parent company and fend off corporate interference long enough to succeed in the marketplace. Whether you have adopted the lean startup methodology, a staged-gate innovation process, agile software development methods, or other means of encouraging innovation and accelerating customer adoption, to succeed at intrapreneurship you must tackle the 12 labors identified in this book. In Winning at Intrapreneurship you will accompany the intrapreneur as he works with the corporation to prepare for the launch of a new venture. You will be introduced to innovative intrapreneurial concepts such as corporate force multipliers, the market awareness warning system, corporate descent into failure, and the corporation's lines of defence. Filled with examples from the business world, the book provides a solid framework and practical solutions the reader can implement immediately.

Second Helpings of Roast Chicken

Titre : Second Helpings of Roast Chicken
Auteur : Simon Hopkinson
Éditeur : Random House
ISBN-13 : 9781446407547
Libération : 2011-06-08

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Second Helpings of Roast Chicken takes forty-seven of Simon Hopkinson's favourite ingredients as a starting point. There is a section on apples with a perfect apple tart recipe, a section on curry recipes with Constance Spry's original Coronation chicken salad dressing and a section on duck, with recipes for Braised duck with peas and classic Roast duck and apple sauce. There are also recipes for Pear and ginger sponge, 'a good' Waldorf salad, Armenian lamb pilaf, Baked whole plaice with lemon butter sauce and what is, quite simply, the best Bloody Mary. Roast Chicken and Other Stories was voted the most useful cookbook of all time by Waitrose Food Illustrated and also won the Andre Simon and Glenfiddich awards. Second Helpings of Roast Chicken will provide new inspiration the many fans of Simon Hopkinson's sensible, practical, creative approach to cooking and love of good food, prepared to please rather than simply impress.

Communications Satellites

Titre : Communications Satellites
Auteur : Joseph N. Pelton
Éditeur : Routledge
ISBN-13 : 9780805849615
Libération : 2004

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Over the past 40 years, satellites have played a key role in creating a global culture, spreading worldwide entertainment, stimulating technological interchange, and promoting trade around the world. Communications Satellites: Global Change Agents addresses communications satellites not only in terms of the technology and the services they provide, but also with consideration of the technology's impact in socio-political, security, economic, policy, news, entertainment, and cultural spheres. Editors Joseph N. Pelton, Robert J. Oslund, and Peter Marshall bring together contributions that place satellites into a broad context and examine how they influence and define today's world. Written in a non-technical, reader-friendly style, chapters investigate how satellite communications work and explore the role of satellites in such arenas as: *news and entertainment systems around the world; *Internet, E-business, and the new global economy; *global television and radio channels; *military operations; and *education, health services, economic development, and electronic immigration. Communications Satellites: Global Change Agents examines what satellites have been and projects how they will evolve in the future, articulating what they mean to the world today and forecasting what they will mean tomorrow. As the definitive source on communications satellites and their role in today's world, this volume serves as a valuable, unique, and timely resource for scholars and students in telecommunications, communication and technology, mass communication and society, and broadcasting.

Strategic Managerial Accounting

Titre : Strategic Managerial Accounting
Auteur : Tracy Jones
Éditeur : Goodfellow Pub Limited
ISBN-13 : 1908999004
Libération : 2012

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Strategic Managerial Accounting: Hospitality, Tourism & Events Applications 6edn explores the nature of these industry sectors and how these impact on the strategic managerial accounting (SMA) tools used by decision makers in the industry.Formerly known as Managerial Accounting in the Hospitality Industry by Harris and Hazzard, this new edition builds on this successful and well known text, retaining its practical approach and active learning style, extending to consider strategic management accounting and to include tourism and events management industry contexts.This new 6th edition incorporates discussion, explanations and illustrations of the theoretical underpinning of hospitality, tourism and events related to SMA and managerial accounting concepts and techniques, together with specific examples of industry application. It has a user friendly chapter structure, with pedagogic features including objectives, learning activities, self check questions, references, and key points summaries. Each chapter includes ‘theoretical context’ sections which put the applied learning in the context of current research and thinking to bring the theory to life.Key features of this text are:* A complete revision and expansion of the well known and successful Harris and Hazzard text;* Includes several brand new chapters such as: Event and Function Management Accounting techniques, Sustainability & Environmental Management Accounting (EMA), Not-for-profit Organisations, Current Issues in Strategic Management Accounting;* Uses international real life case studies to illustrate from across the hospitality, tourism and events sectors including charity (not-for-profit) sector and music events;* Links to applied and generic research on each topic;* Includes International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) terminology suitable for an international audience. With a complete suite of online tutor resources, this book is essential reading for all year 2/3 undergraduate and postgraduate students studying hospitality, tourism and events management.